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5 Tips for Effective Facebook Wall Posts

October 27th, 2011 ::

5 Tips for Facebook

When done correctly, Facebook wall posts can generate buzz about your brand, offer insight about your customers and drive traffic to your website. That’s a lot from a simple Facebook post! But if you’ve been crafting Facebook wall posts for any length of time, you know it’s not that simple.

Finding the right content and using it to create conversations on your Facebook Page is tough. Social media experts Buddy Media, which works with huge, name-brand companies, is a great source of tips for generating effective wall posts.

Here are 5 to get you started:

1. Shorter is better

Research conducted by Buddy Media showed that when it comes to Facebook Wall posts, short and sweet is the way to go. In fact, posts containing 80 characters or less have 27 percent higher engagement rates. So, as with other copywriting, users are more likely to consume your content when it’s concise.

2. URL shorteners aren’t all that

Sure, they save space, but Buddy Media found that engagement rates are three times higher when posts contain a full-length URL instead of a shortened one. When people can’t discern where that link will lead them, they may be less likely to click. Think about it – don’t you look for indicators in a URL to see what type of website it leads to?

3. Timing is key

Since most people are working, and not cruising Facebook, during normal business hours, be sure your posts are reaching them when they are looking for your content. Buddy Media found that brands that post outside of normal business hours had 20 percent higher engagement rates. So, schedule your posts for the morning hours or after work, when people will see them in their News Feeds.

4. Know your best days

In general, user engagement peaks on Thursday and Friday. But, depending on your industry, there are certain days that are better for posting on Facebook. Buddy Media suggests the following industries post more on weekends:  Entertainment, Media, Retail, Automotive, and Sports. However, the Fashion, Travel and Hospitality, and Healthcare and Beauty industries should consider posting more on Thursday. For the Food and Beverage industry, engagement is higher midweek and Saturday. And for the Business and Finance industry, midweek is the best time for engagement.

5. Inspire Action

This final key finding from Buddy Media’s report is one marketers know well. Just like website copy, your Facebook posts should present a strong call-to-action to motivate people to take that next step. Ask fans for “likes” and posts – they’ll respond!

To read the entire report, you can visit Buddy Media’s website.

What are your tips for better Facebook engagement? Leave us a comment below.

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       Awesome – I hope it helps improve your status updates.

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    This post is really very awesome. Useful tips for FB effective posting

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