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How Do Your Customers Want to Interact With You on Facebook?

October 17th, 2011 ::

By Rieva Lesonsky

What does it really mean for your business when someone “likes” your page on Facebook? eMarketer.com recently took a look at users’ behavior when they like a brand and what you can expect them to do (and how your business can benefit).

A January 2011 survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey and Constant Contact found Facebook users were mostly passive in how they interacted with brands on the site. The vast majority (77%) read a company’s posts, but just 17 percent ever shared information about the business with their friends.

But a more recent survey, The Evolution of Facebook Brand Fans study by DDB Worldwide and OpinionWay Research, found that 83% of U.S. Facebook users who “like” a brand have also “liked” specific content the brand has published on its Facebook page. In addition, 60 percent had recommended that their friends “like” the brand, 57 percent had passed along information published by the brand and 53 percent had left comments on the brand’s posts.

Although to different degrees, both of the surveys show users continuing to interact with companies on Facebook beyond just initially “liking” them. But why do users stop liking a business on Facebook? The survey by DDB Worldwide and OpinionWay Research study looked into this question.

Apparently, information was key. The top two reasons for U.S. Facebook users to “unlike” a brand was if the information the company presented wasn’t interesting (46 percent) or if the company posted too often (also 46 percent). The second most common reason for unliking a brand was simply losing interest in the company. Far behind, brands that didn’t post often enough were at risk of being “unliked” by 14 percent of Facebook users.

What does it all mean for your business? When it comes to Facebook, there’s a delicate balancing act required. Post content regularly, but don’t overwhelm your audience. Include a mix of content that users can simply take in, and some that calls them to interact with you (such as polls or contests). And provide information that’s valuable enough that they’ll want to pass it on, share it with other users and generally tell the world about you.

Image by Flickr user Sean McEntee (Creative Commons)


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  • http://www.blurbpoint.com/link-building-services.php Link Building Services

    On FB and on other social site , major need is of proving the content which be unique and useful to the people. And such content which they like to read the most. And if one comment on our content then instant response is the other need. But when dealing with the social site then be careful and not provide the information all time for your brand. But also share some other information that related to the market field. And here great information of percentage for observing about people on FB.

  • Williamhbaer

    We are a sandwich shop franchisor with 1300 friends on fb; some of our franchisees have their own fb pages under the same name. How can we distinguish our fb page from the others and increase Likes (i.e. solicit our in-store customers)?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1591534923 Phil Taylor

      I would recommend a special gathering at your sandwich shop for fb friends…maybe bring in a musician, like a soloist or duet to play for an hour or so…offer a special on food during the event, Use FB for what it is…a social network. post it as an event and work it that way

    • http://twitter.com/AboveTheStatic Steve Birkett

      Ask your customers to share their in-store experiences. Discuss with them what they like and even dislike. The overall results will be invaluable feedback (at very little cost) and an opportunity to transform regular customers into enthusiastic fans of your store. 

  • Williamhbaer

    Good information for reaching existing fb friends – thank you. How do I convert my restaurant customers into fb friends?

  • Anonymous

    Extend their offline experience over to the digital space. Build an easy app on your page that allows customers to either instantly win something or try again. Very much like scratch cards, its the instant gratification element coupled with ease of participation that makes it addictive! Each meal entitles say 2 scratches? A more expensive meal, more chances?

    Of course you’d need to add in the fan gate mandatory feature so all walk in customers interested would have to be a fan first before participating. Hope this helps!