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Radio Still Good Advertising Option for Small Business

December 22nd, 2011 ::

By Maria Valdez Haubrich

Wondering what the best places for your business to advertise are going into 2012? Don’t rule out local radio. The Arbitron December 2011 RADAR 111 National Radio Listening Report shows radio added 1.4 million more weekly listeners in December compared to the same month last year. In face, 93 percent of the population age 12 and up regularly listens to the radio each week, totaling 241.3 million Americans.

Radio listening is also holding steady among key demographic groups that are important to advertisers. The number of teens (aged 12-17) listening to radio was consistent with last December, at 22.8 million, or 92 percent of that demographic, regularly listening each week. Among listeners aged 18 to 34, the percentage increased slightly compared to last December: Some 66.3 million people in this age range, or 93.4 percent of the demographic, listen to radio each week.

If you are targeting minority consumers, you’ll be happy to know that radio listenership increased among black and Hispanic adults (aged 12 and up). In December 2011, the Hispanic audience aged 12 and older grew by nearly 1 million compared to the December 2010 report, with radio regularly reaching 95 percent of Hispanics aged 12 and older.  The biggest increase among Hispanics was in the 18 to 34 age category, which added nearly 300,000 weekly listeners. Among blacks, radio gained nearly 240,000 regular listeners each week, reaching 93.2 percent of the black population.

Not only is the radio audience diverse, it’s also affluent. More than 132 million people aged 12 and up with a household income of $75K or more regularly tune in to radio each week. Some 40.8 million college graduates aged 18 to 49 listen to the radio on a weekly basis. And 26 million people aged 25 to 54 with both a college degree and a household income of over $75K tune into radio on a weekly basis.

Despite the growth of Internet radio, streaming music options and the fragmentation of the listening audience, radio is still capturing the majority of the population in all age groups. If your business caters to a local audience, advertising on a local radio station can be a smart advertising move. Your local radio stations can provide you with information about audience demographics and listening times that can help you make the right advertising decision, whether you’re trying to reach teens or affluent businesspeople.

Image by Flickr user S. Diddy (Creative Commons)


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  • Paul

    Very true.  And, if you’re interested in reaching even a more affluent and engaged radio audience, consider public radio.  John Jantsch, author of “Duct Tape Marketing” suggests it here:


  • Jbyleen

    I partnered with the pros at marketingferepower.info in 1991 and have used their advice and insights regarding radio advertising ever since.  Best move I ever made.  Radio really works!

  • http://www.blurbpoint.com/ Internet Marketing Company

    One more benefit through radio advertising is that business also spread in local areas which thing little missed in the online promotion for the business. And there has to be local presence for the business to get the success in other areas or the countries. Anyway thanks for such nice point discussion and information sharing with us.