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Small Biz Resource Tip: Meltwater Press

February 27th, 2012 ::

Meltwater Press

If you run a PR, marketing or ad agency, or simply want to target your own business’s press releases and media outreach more effectively, Meltwater Press can help. Meltwater Press’s dashboard interface lets you create and manage media lists with ease. Search journalists by name, outlet, location and more. Then Meltwater refines your results using Natural Language Processing (NLP), which scans some 1.5 million articles per day, using keywords to search and return only those journalists writing currently and most often about a particular topic. Once you’ve created your contact lists, you get a continual live feed of everything those journalists write about so you’re always current on whom to target. Pricing starts at $5,175 annually for unlimited pitches, distributions and seats (you can even give clients access to the lists if you want).

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