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5 Must-Have Social Plug-Ins for Your Blog

April 30th, 2012 ::

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I love tools that make my busy blogging schedule easier, don’t you? If you are looking for simple plug-ins that encourage readers to share your blog content, look no further. These five social plug-ins will make your blog more share-worthy in no time.

1. and 2. Google-pleasing plug-ins

Pleasing Google should be at the top of every blogger’s to-do list because if you don’t appear in Google search results, new readers will have a harder time finding you.

The All in One SEO Pack lets you create your own custom title, description and keywords for each of your blog posts. Entering this information into the plug-in, which is located in your WordPress dashboard at the bottom of each post, helps search engines to index your content.

Inbound Writer is another useful plug-in that recommends keywords for you to focus on in your blog posts. The app analyzes your copy against websites you’ve pre-selected to determine which keywords are most relevant and will make your content more pleasing to Google. Inbound Writer even provides real-time analysis, showing you suggestions and an SEO score as you write.

2. Make Friends With Facebook

With 500 million users worldwide, it’s wise to make your blog as Facebook-friendly as possible. Since Facebook changes constantly, I recommend using Facebook’s own plug-ins to integrate with the social giant.

Try Facebook Social Plug-ins to allow your blog readers to Like and comment on your posts. These plug-ins require HTML to use, but Facebook provides step-by-step instructions for the less technical among us.

3. Be Pinterest-ing

Since Pinterest has become huge over the past year, it’s important to make your blog as visually appealing as possible, especially if you feature products in your posts. PhotoDropper lets you find creative commons images without the hassle of searching Flickr or Google Images.

PhotoDropper aggregates images and delivers them directly into your WordPress dashboard. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about licensing and attribution because the app makes sure you use and credit images correctly.

4. The Best All Around

If you want a plug-in that wrangles all your social sharing buttons into a tidy package, then you’ll want to try Digg Digg. You can decide which buttons to display as well as whether you want a top sidebar or a floating one. Digg Digg will display your buttons on each of your posts for easy sharing, along with the share count for each.


What other social plug-ins help make your blog more share-worthy? Why not share them with us, in the comments section below?

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