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7 Tips to Help You Get More Clicks on Twitter

April 3rd, 2012 ::

Twitter and click-through rates

When it comes to Twitter marketing, there are few experts more accessible and results-driven than Dan Zarrella. Recently I came across an infographic Zarrella created to show marketers how to get more clicks on Twitter. In this article, I will break down the facts for you so you can increase your click-through-rate (CTR) and see more results from your Twitter marketing efforts.

1.  Compose tweets that are between 120 and 130 characters in length.

Twitter allows space for 140 characters per tweet. Too short, and the tweet might not appear to be worth the effort; too long, and the tweet might seem too dense. Type out several practice tweets that fall within the 120-130 character length so you can get accustomed to the length you want to aim for when writing.

2.  Position your links about 25 percent of the way through your tweet.

After analyzing the length of 200,000 link-containing tweets, Zarrella found the ones with a link positioned about one-quarter of the way through the tweet got the most clicks. Perhaps these tweets provide just enough introductory words to convince followers the link is worth clicking.

3.  Put some space between your tweet links.

This one is pretty straightforward. As the speed of link tweeting increases, the number of CTRs decreases. Be careful not to overburden your followers with too many links because, like other forms of marketing communications, too much can turn off your audience.

4.  Select your words and phrases carefully.

Content producers understand that word choice is critical for creating the most relevant copy, and tweet composition is no different. Avoid the words “marketing,” “@addthis” and “@getglue,” as they get lower CTRs than average tweets. However, the words “please,” “RT,” “via” and “check” get higher CTRs, so work them into your tweets for more clicks.

5.  Try the paper.li system out for yourself.

Have you seen tweets containing the phrase, “daily is out?” Paper.li is a service that lets you publish your own online newspaper of curated information. Zarrella found that tweets containing the phrase, “daily is out” get more clicks than any other phrase. Does Paper.li fit into your content creation strategy?

6.  Use more verbs and fewer nouns.

Getting people to click on your link means encouraging them to take an action. Noun- and adjective-heavy tweets get fewer clicks than ones containing action words. So pack your tweets full of verbs and adverbs to motivate followers to click.

7.  Tweet when people have time to click.

It makes sense to tweet when people aren’t being pulled in different directions due to work and other weekday obligations. CTRs are higher on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as during the afternoon hours, compared to other days and times. For weekend tweeting, platforms like Hootsuite can help you schedule great content without being stuck at your computer all weekend.

So there you have it – relatively simple ways to encourage your Twitter followers to click on the links you tweet. Higher CTRs mean more traffic to your website or blog and more opportunities to generate leads, build your brand, and delight your online community. Try some of these techniques for getting more clicks on Twitter, and let us know how they worked for you by leaving a comment below.

Image courtesy of creative design agency Arrae

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