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Marketing on Google+ Part 3: Top 3 Reasons You Should Use Google+

April 20th, 2012 ::
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Marketing With Google+

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Even though Google+ has gotten plenty of media attention since its 2011 launch, you may not be convinced that adding yet another social network to your company’s online strategy is worth the effort. After all, another social network means added work on top of an already busy schedule.

I know what you mean. I thought the last thing I needed was another task on my marketing to-do list, but after reading a recent interview with Guy Kawasaki, I am convinced that Google+ is well worth the effort. In this third article in our Google+ series, I will share three reasons every marketer should be on Google+.

1.  It’s the Wild West

Kawasaki likens the uncharted territory of Google+ to the Wild West because there’s still so much to discover about this robust platform. Smart marketers are staking their claim by getting on this network as soon as possible to jumpstart their Google+ communities. Right now Google+ has the advantage of being a wide open space, so it’s easier for marketers to get noticed there instead of trying to break through the noise of more crowded spaces like Facebook and Twitter.

2.  It has enormous SEO value

Let’s face it – Google is the most powerful, groundbreaking search engine in the world, and it seriously shook up search when it introduced the concept of “social search.” Now when users search on Google, they see their friends’ interactions on Google+, right alongside their search results. No other social network is so intimately integrated with Google’s search engine, so everything you do on Google+ has enormous SEO value for your company. Kawasaki recommends posting the type of content you want to be known for. Since Google basically controls search, it just makes sense to use its rapidly-growing social network to shape your own SEO strategy.

3.  Because Guy says so

I don’t know about you, but when someone as successful as Guy Kawasaki goes out of his way to promote a marketing tool, I take notes! Kawasaki admits that 99 percent of his social media efforts are now focused on Google+. That’s a serious endorsement. He says he loves the network, and he obviously sees great potential in its use for marketing, so I would suggest tuning in to anything this former Macintosh marketer has to say.

And how do you learn everything there is to know about marketing on Google+? Kawasaki recently published his new book, What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us, to help you launch and perfect your Google+ marketing strategy. Kawasaki’s self-published book boasts a low price point so everyone can get their hands on it, and since it’s an ebook, he can continuously update it as Google+ rolls out new features. You can check it out and get your copy here.

How about you? Has your company made the leap to Google+? What do you find to be its advantages/disadvantages, compared to other social networks?

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