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Small Biz Resource Tip: RingCentral

April 24th, 2012 ::


If you’re looking for some cool Android apps, check out this new Android app from RingCentral. The RingCentral app saves users minutes and money by using VoIP. Users connect to WiFi or 4G, turn the setting on, and then have access to VoIP services. This saves users minutes on their data plan to process calls. The new app also provides users with the capability to view faxes, listen to voicemail, view call logs and handle up to three calls simultaneously. Receivers will see your RingCentral business number as your Caller ID. You can also see who left a message, forward messages and tap to return calls with a Visual Voicemail.

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  • http://sigithermawan12.blogspot.in/ sigit hermawan

    thanks for share apps Ring Central… its valuable to me.. :)