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With 170 million People Google+ Makes New Design Changes

April 11th, 2012 ::

If you are a Google+ user and visited your page today you may have been surprised and pleasantly we hope to see the new Google Plus design changes that Google announced today.BTW have you added the Network Solutions Google Plus page to your circles?

On the whole it was a better experience and some of the changes that I found interesting:

  • Good navigation : It seemed more comfortable and easy to see where everything is easily.
  • Customization : I don’t use the games feature very much so I just dragged it down to the bottom and since I use the photos feature a lot it is moved to the top.
  • Hangouts : I am not sure if this is new but Google Plus seems to be the new alternative to Apple’s Facetime with the ability to speak to up to 9 of your family members on the Google Hangout (video conference). I will be trying that this weekend. That will also mean if you run a virtual organization you can have your own hangout as a conference.

At the recent launch event for the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing, 2nd Edition ” I spoke about Google Plus and mentioned one reason to establish a presence on Google Plus and engage is to be able to show up in the Google search results which already include results from the Google Plus page activity.

Check out this post by the SVP of Google Vic Gundotra for more details. Also here is a video that explains the changes:

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