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Grab Your Share of Mother’s Day Spending

May 2nd, 2012 ::

By Rieva Lesonsky

Mother’s Day is coming up May 13, and the 86.5 percent of consumers who are celebrating the day will be shelling out more money than they have in the past few years, reports NRF’s 2012 Mother’s Day consumer spending survey conducted by BIGinsight.

Consumer spending is up in general this spring, and Mom is going to benefit. NRF’s survey found that the average person celebrating the holiday is expected to spend $152.52 on gifts, up from $140.73 last year. Total spending is projected to reach $18.6 billion.

What are consumers spending on?

  • Two-thirds (66.4 percent) will buy flowers, spending a total of $2.2 billion.
  • Almost one-third (32.8 percent) will buy clothing or accessories, spending a total of $1.6 billion.
  • Electronics such as tablets and digital cameras are the gift of choice from 12.7 percent, who will spend a total of $1.6 billion.
  • More than half (54.3 percent) of those celebrating Mother’s Day will treat mom to dinner or brunch, spending $3.4 billion.
  • Finally, a total of $1.8 billion will be spent on gift cards and $1.3 billion on personal services such as spa or salon services.

Who are they buying for?

Almost 65 percent of respondents will buy gifts for their mom or stepmom; others will buy for their wife (22.4 percent), daughter (10.5 percent), grandmother (8.2 percent), sister (8.4 percent), friend (7.6 percent) or godmother (2.1 percent).

Where are they buying?

Although department stores are the most cited place to shop, specialty stores including jewelers, florists and electronics stores will attract 36.3 percent of consumers, and specialty clothing stores another 8.2 percent. One-fourth of shoppers will buy gifts online, an increase from 21.5 percent last year.

Whether they buy online or off, more consumers this year are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to research their options, comparison shop or even buy.

About 40 percent of smartphone owners and 51.2 percent of tablet owners say they will to use their devices to research products, compare prices, find or use coupons, look up retailer information and buy gifts. Tablet owners in particular will make the most of their devices, with more than 40 percent planning to purchase items online with their tablets this year.

It’s not too late to take advantage of Mother’s Day spending in your business, whether you sell apparel or electronics, personal services, or own a restaurant. Offering Mother’s Day deals and gift ideas for time-strapped dads is a smart way to capture some of the cash for your business.

Image by Flickr user julian wylegly (Creative Commons)


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