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6 Things You Need to Know About Infographics: An Interview with Brian Wallace of NowSourcing

June 11th, 2012 ::


Infographics have become a major, must-have trend for both the media and marketers.  When done right, they are much more than just a pretty picture.  They are easy to share, attention-grabbing and interesting. When done badly, as so many are, they are just a useless mess of poorly-thought-out information.

Brian Wallace, founder of social media marketing firm NowSourcing, shared with me everything you need to know about putting together effective infographics (he’s been doing them for two years – the image above is from a recent infographic he created for Wordstream that went viral a few weeks ago).  Here’s what I learned:

2 reasons infographics are so popular

No one has time to read, they are too distracted to read; yet there are tons of research, reports and surveys being created.  The question becomes, How are you going to share all of that information?  Whatever is visual and memorable will grab people’s attention.

People have trouble with spatial relationships and need to compare something to something else. Infographics are a way to take insights, make a story from that data, and repurpose it into a two- to three-minute consumable.

2 ways infographics can help with your marketing

The editorial world loves infographics because they are so eye-catching.  Companies that are just starting out or launching a new product – regardless of what you do – should consider creating and sharing one.  Infographics get passed around online and result in lots of exposure for a long time.

Infographics are filled with keywords, so they are great for search engine optimization, driving traffic to your website, and increasing conversion.  Always be sure to add a call-to-action.

What makes a good infographic

Research that goes way beyond Wikipedia is a must for a good infographic.  You have to be able to pull unique, unbiased data sources of information, weave everything together with spatial relations, make good points, use good design that takes color and typography into account, and then promote it.

We did an infographic for a local painting company called the Psychology of Color.  It gets retweeted every day, has been pinned over 50,000 times on Pinterest, and has gotten hundreds of thousands of views.  As a result, the company comes up first in search.

Where infographics are headed

Infographics have become really mainstream. Before, they were focused around technology and social media.  Now, virtually any industry and vertical wants to get into the act.  Moving forward, things will get more sophisticated – there will be more video and interactive-based infographics, and we will probably see interesting applications – like infographics on 6-foot tall banners at trade shows.


Have you created an infographic for your company?  Did it boost your marketing efforts?  Share your experience with us below in the comments section.

Image courtesy of NowSourcing.

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