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How to Use Video to Market to Tablet Users

June 27th, 2012 ::

By Rieva Lesonsky

In case you haven’t noticed, tablets are taking over. One in every four smartphone owners used a tablet at some point in the quarter ending April 2012, according to a comScore study reported by MediaPost. Overall, tablet use increased by about 12 percent in the past year.

Who’s the tablet audience and what are they doing? Tablet owners are very similar to smartphone owners, with owners of both devices primarily aged 25 to 44. However, there were a few key differences:

  • Tablet owners are more likely to be female, although the difference was very slight.
  • Tablet owners are more likely to be affluent. Almost three out of five tablet users had household incomes of $75,000 or more. By comparison, just half of smartphone users did.
  • Tablet owners are more likely to be older. They were 28% more likely than smartphone owners to be 65 and older, and 27% less likely to be aged 18-24.

comScore reports tablets are being used for just about any type of media consumption, including TV watching. In fact, tablet users are almost three times as likely to watch video on their devices than are smartphone users, and one out of 10 tablet users watches video content almost daily on the device.

Clearly, this is an audience worth capturing. How to grab their attention? Think about incorporating video into your website, social media and marketing efforts. Ideas for videos include:

  • Funny videos (if appropriate to your product or service image)
  • How-to videos demonstrating how to use your product
  • Testimonial videos talking to customers about why they like your product, service or company
  • Insider videos giving viewers an inside glance into your company, such as by featuring employees
  • Informational videos with you, an employee or an industry expert speaking about a current trend or topic of interest to your customers or prospects.

How do you use video in your business?

Image by Flickr user Soe Lin (Creative Commons)


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