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Want to Market to Executive Decision-Makers? Go Mobile

June 4th, 2012 ::

By Rieva Lesonsky

If your small business is trying to market to business decision-makers, especially at the C-level, you need to develop a mobile strategy. A recent survey by Doremus and the Financial Times, reported in MediaPost, found that nearly half of executives surveyed “use many apps” on their smartphones and tablet devices. with news and weather apps among the most popular.

The execs in the survey included a mix of industries and company sizes. Of those who own both a smartphone and a tablet:

  • 75 percent use news apps on their smartphone, and 87 percent do so on their tablet
  • 70 percent use weather apps on the smartphone, and 73 percent do so on their tablet
  • 70 percent use navigation, map and location apps on their smartphone, and 68 percent use such apps via tablet.

Executives under age 45 spend more time than those aged 55+ playing games, watching videos/movies and shopping on their devices. Those aged 55 and up are more likely than younger execs 45 to use their tablets for news, general reference and checking weather.

Tablets are used more extensively than smartphones. Among the 11 tablet activities listed in the survey, six were used regularly: reading news, accessing websites, searching online, managing bank accounts, downloading apps and using apps. There are also some distinctions in how much certain apps are used on tablets compared to smartphones. For example, travel apps are far more popular on tablets than on smartphones (64 percent vs. 47 percent). So are entertainment apps (67 percent vs. 40 percent) and shopping apps (52 percent vs. 27 percent). Even social networking was more popular on tablets than on smartphones (56 percent vs. 43 percent).

What does it all mean for your business? First, clearly executives are relying on mobile devices to manage their busy business and personal lives. However, for tasks that lend themselves to more leisurely browsing (such as shopping, entertainment and travel), the device of choice is the tablet, since it offers a more comfortable user experience. For utilitarian tasks like checking the weather, getting a news update or getting directions, however, smartphones win the day.

To take advantage of the prevalence of mobile devices, consider:

  • Formatting your website so it’s mobile-friendly (this should be the very first, most basic step in mobile marketing).
  • In-app advertising. Advertising within free versions of apps your target market uses can be a great way to reach a local or highly targeted audience.
  • Developing an app. No, you’re probably not going to develop your own news or weather app, but think about tasks your target market of businesspeople might want to complete. Can you help them get a quick quote for your services, rapidly browse your product offerings or chat with a customer service rep via text?

Mobile isn’t going away; on the contrary, it’s becoming more integrated into business life every day. Position your company to maximize mobile marketing now and you’ll reap the benefits in the coming years.

Image by Flickr user Phil Campbell (Creative Commons)

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  • Darren Harding

    Web.com should read this article.  You guys are always blogging about how important it is that we take our websites mobile, but the web.com website isn’t!