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4 Super Useful Twitter Apps to Add to Your Social Media Marketing Toolkit

July 12th, 2012 ::

Twitter bird

Twitter a great way to reach a lot of people at once, but did you know your tweets lasts about an hour before they are sucked into the social media void?  Here are 4 Twitter apps I heard about recently that can really boost the reach, and therefore effectiveness, of your tweets:


What it is: Platform that lets you create custom websites and widgets out of your tweets

Best features:

  • Automatically organizes your tweets based on trending topics
  • Extends the life of your tweets
  • Allows you to host Twylah pages on your domain and own the content and traffic
  • Lets you create custom-landing pages for Power Tweets (tweets sent through Twylah), giving you a very powerful way to increase engagement


What it is: Social newsstand that lets you view news by topic, providing a great way to easily find shareable content for Twitter (and other social media channels)

Best features:

  • How easy it is to use – under Business, I found tweets curated by Mashable’s founder, curated online marketing tips and tricks, and social media marketing news from a range of experts – in one spot
  • Share content from within Newsmix


What it is: Comprehensive Twitter management and analysis tool

Best features:

  • Visualize statistical information about your Twitter community
  • Find out the interests of your community
  • Learn the best times to tweet
  • View recent unfollows
  • Find your target social media community and influential followers
  • Filter out spammers and people who post way too much
  • Track and analyze competitors


What it is: Twitter analysis tool that tells you what time to tweet

Best feature: By analyzing your tweets and your followers’ tweets, it tells you what time to tweet so you’ll be more likely to reach others


Other there any other Twitter tools out there that you like to use?  Share your favorites in the comments below!

Image courtesy of wonderoftech.com

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Posted in Marketing, Social Media | 2 Comments »

  • Anonymous

    I really like Pluggio (http://plugg.io) – it’s got some really slick tools that help build and a manage a community, particularly the Friend Finder, a really cool “drip feed” way of setting up a bunch of tweets to get posted over a period of time, and an integrated RSS reader to track news / blog posts and tweet them with one click.

    It’s just a huge time-saver.

    • Anonymous

       Thanks for sharing Pluggio – sounds awesome!