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Americans Keep Going Mobile

July 16th, 2012 ::

By Rieva Lesonsky

You already know Americans are becoming more devoted to their mobile devices. But did you know that more of them are leaving desktops and laptops behind to become totally mobile-dependent?

According to the latest survey by Prosper Mobile Insights, more and more consumer activities are taking place solely on mobile devices. Specifically:

  • More than half (51.1 percent) of mobile users say they check email only on their mobile devices,
  • 45.3 do Internet searches only on their mobile devices, and
  • 42.3 percent use Facebook only on mobile devices.

Overall, Prosper found, seven out of 10 mobile users report at least one Web-based activity that they now perform solely on a mobile device.

Quickly moving up the list in popularity were banking and shopping. Nearly 30 percent of respondents say they do all their online banking on a mobile device, and more than one-fourth report doing all their online shopping on a mobile device.

What does this sea change mean for your small business? “With consumers opting for mobile devices instead of computers for many online activities, marketers need to hone in on their targets in the traditional as well as the mobile ad space,” says Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director at BIGinsight. “Retailers need to know which types of ads their customers are most receptive to, as some may pay more attention to mobile banner ads, sponsored stories and videos.”

If you’re advertising online, you should know video is far and away the most popular ad format for mobile users, with 42.9 percent of respondents saying they are more likely to focus on video ads.

What else do users want to see in online advertising? For all types of online ads, including banners, pop-ups and videos, 33.5I percent say they are more likely to pay attention to an ad if it is relevant, 28.4 percent  if it is funny, 24.2 percent  if it is informative and 23.9 percent  if it has eye-catching animations.

Image by Flickr user Just a Prairie Boy (Creative Commons)

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