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How Are Your Competitors Using Mobile Marketing?

July 30th, 2012 ::

By Rieva Lesonsky

You’ve checked out Web.com’s survey, Are Small Businesses Ready for Mobile?, on how small businesses are using mobile marketing. But what are big companies’ mobile marketing plans? eMarketer recently reported some survey data that gives you the skinny on what your big competitors are planning for the coming year.

First of all—and this is kind of shocking to me—more than half (55 percent) of global brands surveyed aren’t yet using mobile marketing at all. But that won’t last long: Of those companies that aren’t using mobile, 43 percent plan to add it within the next year. Fourteen percent plan to do so in the next six months, 29 percent plan to do so in the next six to 12 months, and 32 percent will be waiting a year or more to do so.

What mobile marketing techniques are most popular so far? Heading the list are optimizing websites for mobile devices, cited by 70 percent of companies using mobile marketing . Next most popular are mobile apps, which more than half (55 percent) of mobile marketers use. Nearly half (49 percent) use QR codes and 40 percent use text messaging campaigns.

Even the big companies that are using mobile marketing aren’t yet spending a lot on it. Nearly one in four say their mobile marketing budget is less than 1% of their total marketing budget; 20 percent say it’s between 2 and 3 percent of their budgets. Just 6 percent of companies report spending 11 percent or more of their marketing budget on mobile.

However, if survey responses are any indication, that could change soon. More than half (55 percent) of respondents say their mobile budget grew in the past year, and 70 percent planned to increase it in the coming year. (Of course, that’s probably because it really couldn’t get much smaller than it already is.) Still, eMarketer projects rapid growth and estimates that spending on mobile advertising in the U.S. will hit $2.6 billion this year. That encompasses advertising via display, search and messaging.

What are you doing to keep pace?

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  • Darren Harding

    Mobile, mobile, mobile.  You keep pushing mobile, but why isn’t web.com’s site mobile?  You’re the ones not keeping pace.