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How B2B Marketers Are Using Social Media

July 30th, 2012 ::

Marketo published a great infographic (see image) they created with ColumnFive based on the results of a social media marketing survey that Social Media Examiner conducted.  More than 3,800 marketers shared how they use social media – and what kind of benefits they are reaping.

A whopping 93% of B2B marketers use social media, an increase of 10% from 2 years ago, and those marketers are experienced: 38.5% of them have 1-3 years of experience using social media.

See how you stack up against them:

Benefits of social media marketing

  • 69% gathered insights on the marketplace
  • 60% improved their search rankings
  • 56% acquired new business partnerships
  • 53% developed loyal fans

Top 6 social media networks used

  1. Facebook (87%)
  2. Twitter (84%)
  3. YouTube or other video site (56%)
  4. LinkedIn (87%)
  5. Blogs (66%)
  6. Google+ (44%)

Looking forward, they want to improve their efforts in 3 areas…

  1. LinkedIn use (76%)
  2. Blogging efforts (71%)
  3. Facebook fan building (68%)

…and they want to learn more about

  • Measuring social media effectiveness (77%)
  • Converting activities to sales (72%)
  • Learn best practices (74%)

So, how do you compare?  Leave a comment below and let us know what social media networks you use and how they are benefiting you.

Image courtesy of Social Media Examiner

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Posted in Marketing, Social Media | 2 Comments »

  • http://twitter.com/JasonMillerCA Jason Miller

    Hi Monika,

    Thanks for including our infographic! We put this one together with data from Social Media Examiner. Really surprising stats for B2B, and I think that’s only going to grow as more B2B marketers perfect their social strategies with new tools and technologies. 

    Thanks again!

    Jason Miller – Marketo

    • Anonymous

       You’re welcome Jason – happy to spread such useful information around – very good infographic too.  As I have learned, they are not all created equal – some are just pretty.