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How to Measure Your YouTube Video Marketing Efforts

July 10th, 2012 ::

YouTube Insight

Did you know YouTube has a built-in analytics tool called YouTube Insights?  If you’re using YouTube at all as part of your online marketing strategy, you should definitely be tracking how your videos are doing.

Following is a rundown on the most useful features of YouTube Insights:

Number of views

Of course, the best way to know whether or not people like your video is by the number of them who are watching it.  This info is clearly displayed under each video, so use this basic metric to better understand what content is resonating most with your audience.


Again, under your video you’ll be able to see the number of likes and dislikes your video has gotten.  Click on it, and you’ll also see comments and favorites.  This is another great way to measure the effectiveness of your videos.


Click on the bar graph on your Ratings page to see where your traffic is coming from; sources are listed in chronological order.  Use this information to determine where to promote your upcoming videos.


Click on the view more statistics button on the graph to get demographics of your audience.  Again, this information can be used to tailor videos and make them relevant to your audience based on their age, gender, and geographical location.

Drop-off rates

It is really useful to understand where in your video you lose viewers.  If everyone stops watching your video in the same place, why?  Was it too long, boring, confusing?


Videos go viral when people share them en masse.  Take a look at the sharing statistic to see which videos are shared most and use that insight to tailor the subject of future videos.


What is your favorite or most successful B2B or B2C video on YouTube?  Share a link in the comments below!

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