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Yesmail Study Uncovers How to Drive Engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

July 17th, 2012 ::


Want to know exactly how to drive engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube?

Well, you’re in luck, because Yesmail Interactive conducted a study of 20 leading retail brands (Gap, American Apparel, H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc.) from January 1 through March 31 of this year, and they made some interesting discoveries on what you can do to drive consumer engagement and build brand loyalty.

Jason Warnock, VP of Marketing Intelligence & Measurement at Yesmail, walked me through the study’s results:


Day of week: The majority of marketers were posting on Facebook on Fridays, but engagement was pretty low that day.  Surprisingly, Tuesday campaigns generate the highest level of engagement, yet that day was fourth in terms of when campaigns were deployed.

Time of day:  Another surprise: the time between 10pm and midnight had the highest level of engagement but was the least utilized by marketers.  Apparently, that is when the target demographic of 18-35 year-olds are on Facebook.

Frequency: The 5 most engaging brands posted once/day, and the 5 least engaging brands posted twice/day.

Most engaging content: Photos generated the highest level of user engagement, proving that a picture says a thousand words.  Photo content, however, makes up only 43% of all campaigns deployed.  “This explains why Facebook was so eager to acquire Instagram,” Warnock noted.

Video, meanwhile, was only utilized by 6.5% of all campaigns, even though engagement was almost higher than for photos.

Effect of email on Facebook campaign engagement:  When an email campaign was deployed right before a social media campaign, brands saw a 50% improvement in Facebook engagement, while 2 emails led to 100% improvement.


Day of week: Though 20% of all Twitter campaigns were deployed on Friday, they garnered the lowest engagement.  Turns out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to tweet.

Time of day:  Think super early in the day.  The times between 5 – 6am and 7 – 8am garnered the most engagement.  “Just like the emails at the top of your inbox get read first, the tweets at the top of your Twitter stream get read first,” pointed out Warnock.

Frequency:  The best engagement came from 2 tweets per day, while the lowest engagement came from 3 or more tweets per day.

Most engaging content: Asking Twitter follows to retweet something in exchange for a giveaway; mentioning or quoting a celebrity; or tweeting a famous quote all garner the highest level of engagement.

Effect of email on Twitter campaign engagement:  Twitter enagement is 20% higher if an email campaign goes out that same day.  If you send out 2 email campaigns, Twitter engagement increases 40%.


Day of week: Mondays generate the most engagement, though that day lagged in the bottom 3 days of when campaigns were deployed.

Video length: Shorter is definitely better: Videos that are 16-31 seconds long generate the highest level of engagement.  Any longer, and people stop watching.


Warnock said this study had inspired Yesmail to produce more information like this on a monthly  basis – and I look forward to sharing upcoming findings with you!

Image courtesy of Yesmail.

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