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10 Thought-Provoking Statistics That Affect Your Marketing Strategy

August 1st, 2012 ::

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After seeing the following marketing statistics, fresh off the presses from Hubspot, you might want to re-think some of your marketing efforts.  I certainly am!

Social Media Engagement

91% of online adults use social media regularly.  Is your business active on social media?

Don’t go overboard posting on Facebook!  If you post twice a day (rather than once), those posts only receive 57% of the likes and 78% of the comments per post.

This statistic is kind of sad: Less than half a percent of Facebook fans engage with brands they follow.

But this statistic is happy: 20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments.

As is this one: 38% of people have recommended a brand they follow on social media.

Marketing Automation Works

If you set up messages to go out based on an event – like someone signing up for a webinar – the click-through rate skyrockets to 119% higher than a “business as usual” message.

Stop Ignoring Mobile

Emails are increasingly being opened on smartphones and tablets – it has increased by 80% over the last 6 months.  Are your messages optimized for all devices?

Businesses in the U.S. are increasingly on board with mobile.  Of the 45% of companies that use mobile marketing, 70% have mobile websites, 55% have mobile apps and 49% have QR codes.

Make Your Emails Relevant

A whopping 61% of emails received on “work” email accounts are non-essential.  Make sure your email marketing messages do not get dumped into that category!

Add Videos to Your Marketing Mix

YouTube users consume more than 3 billion hours of video per month.  Three. Billion. Hours.

Now that you have absorbed all of those numbers, how will you adjust your marketing efforts?  Leave a comment below!

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