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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Ebooks

August 9th, 2012 ::


I read a lot of ebooks – especially about marketing and social media – and I see the same mistakes made over and over again.  Here are 5 easy ways to improve your eBooks:

1. Brevity

Don’t cover more than one topic per ebook – and don’t write just to increase the page count.

Instead, create one ebook for each topic you’d like to cover, and stick to shorter books that are quick for your reader to consume.

2. White Space

Don’t clutter pages with lots of ideas, graphs, images, headers and subheaders.

Instead, keep the reader focused on your content by leaving lots of white space – and including only one message per page.

3. Meaningful Images

Don’t add images for the sake of having a visual on each page.

Instead, add one image per message that enhances the reader’s understanding of your message.  It could be a graph, chart or statistic.

4. Consistent Style

Don’t let your ebook end up looking like a Crayola crayon factory and font designer had a fight.

Instead, keep your style minimal and consistent with one or two fonts, sizes, and colors used throughout. Use the same font, size and color for all headings, and a different font, size and color for all body content.

5. English Only

Don’t use acronyms, industry jargon or business cliches.

Instead, write as you would speak to someone outside of your industry who is intelligent but knows little (or nothing) about the topic you’re covering.

What is your favorite ebook?  Share a link to it below!

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