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5 Easy Ways to Use Photos in Your B2B Social Media Marketing Efforts

August 2nd, 2012 ::


It is so easy for B2C companies to use photos as part of their social media marketing efforts.  Some industries just naturally lend themselves to lots of great photo opportunities.  If you own a restaurant, bar, bakery, café, coffee shop or catering company, you can go crazy posting food porn.  If you have a retail store, you can post photos of in-store events, new products, customers of the month, etc.

B2B businesses usually get stuck. “I’m a lawyer – what on earth am I supposed to share pictures of?” Here are 5 tips to help all of you B2B business owners integrate photos into your marketing strategy:

1. Create a theme that pops up with regularity.

Think of an activity or item that is related to your business and share a photo every time you see it.  For instance, I am a copywriter, which is part of the marketing industry – and related to advertising.  Every time I see a cool, eye-catching ad with a great message, I could snap it and share it as inspiration for others.

2. Tell a story.

If you don’t have a company pet or mascot, get one (or borrow an employee’s!).  Tell a story about your business around that pet or mascot.  If you’re an accountant, you could take pictures of the company dog reviewing paperwork, working on a calculator, sleeping under a conference table – you get the idea.

The company mascot doesn’t have to be alive, of course. (Think of the garden gnome Travelocity uses in its commercials.) You can take the company mascot with you when you travel and share photos of it sitting at an airport gate, sleeping on top of the minibar, sitting at a desk, in front of local landmarks (like the Empire State Building), etc.

3. Take photos when out and about.

You probably go to events, whether they’re plain old networking schmooze-a-ramas, conferences, or industry to-do’s.  You probably also visit clients at their site; go out to lunch or dinner with clients, partners, and colleagues; and hold employee-only events or activities, like happy hours or paintball.  Take photos and share them.

4. Snap photos “in the office.”

Photos of day-to-day activities are great to share.  If you’re an arborist, you can share photos of non-obvious signs of a dying tree.  If you just got back from vacation, share a photo of the files, paperwork and mail stacked on your desk. If an employee has a birthday, slap a party hat on him or her and take a photo with the birthday cake.

5. Ask fans and followers to share their photos.

This will really engage your fans and followers!  When you share a photo of a great ad, or the company dog, or your mascot traveling, or a tree, ask your followers to share their photos – or stories.


Have you used any of the above ideas – and have your efforts engaged fans?  What other ideas do you have?  Leave a comment below!

Image courtesy of erickimphotography.com

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  • Relshomecare

    I have a Non-Medical Home care agency. I never thought to take pictures for my social sites. Great idea!

    • Anonymous

       Many small business owners never think of it either – let me know if photos help with your engagement levels on social media!

  • Stardustcarriage

    I am the owner/operator of a horse drawn carriage in a small, extremely popular tourist destination town in Texas. I have my picture taken constantly along with my dog and my horse. My problem is that I cannot take pictures of myself while driving. I have asked many, many people over the years to email or facebook the pictures they have taken of us but noone ever has.

    • Anonymous

       OK, well, what about asking them to text you the photos right on the spot?

  • Anonymous

    We post a lot of pictures with blog posts. It gives people a much better idea of what we do. And it makes it easy for them to skim the post or page and still get our message across.