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Beyond Social Media: 6 Digital Trends to Keep Your Eye On

August 6th, 2012 ::


While social media is often cited as the most important element to add to your marketing strategy, it is only one piece of the marketing pie, a marketing pie whose main ingredients are engagement and personal interaction.  Here are 6 other digital trends I have observed that all small business owners need to keep their eyes on – plus tips on how to take advantage of them.

1. Videos, Games and Apps

Blog posts, ebooks and how-to guides are incredibly important to your content strategy, but branded videos, games and apps do far more to pull in your audience.

Tip: Start with a 60-second, personable “explainer” video on your home page, and work your way up to a game or app as your budget allows.

2. Mobile Sharing

Location-based services are becoming more focused on actions, such as a “like” or sharing a link, than on check-ins.

Tip: Tweak your offers to include links to your social media accounts and website, where users can receive exclusive offers – and be pulled into your community.

3. Content Everywhere

With the use of tablets, smartphones and e-readers proliferating, so too is the consumption of video, podcasts, social media, games, ebooks, etc.

Tip: Diversify your content creation to include short videos and podcasts you create on your computer using the built-in camera – and stay active on social media (you knew I was going to mention that eventually!).

4. Mobile Optimization

Tablets and smartphones are increasingly the preferred way to access the Internet  and consume all types of content.

Tip: Develop a mobile site and offer the most popular content – optimized for mobile – on that site.

5. Advertising 2.0

I’m not talking about advertising online, but rather advertising masquerading as fun and engaging online and offline activities, such as viral videos, events and sponsorships.

Tip: Sponsorships aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies.  Find a local event to get involved with, and build your customer base by interacting with people in person at the event.

6. Mobile Sales

Mobile devices aren’t just being used for email and Internet access – they are also being used for online purchases.

Tip: Use geolocation to offer real-time deals, and make sure your ecommerce site is optimized for mobile.

What other trends have you tried out as part of your online or offline marketing strategy?  Share your experience below!

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