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How to Move From Blogger to Book Author

August 20th, 2012 ::


If you blog regularly on one or two topics, chances are you have created enough material for a book – I sure have!  Organizing all of those blog posts into a book or three is a great way to easily move from online author to book author.  Here’s how to make that transition go even more smoothly:

Research topic marketability

If you already have a popular blog, then you know that the topics you write about have an audience, and, therefore, that a book on those topics will also have an audience.

If, however, your blog is still growing its audience, research the popularity of your topics based on the viability of other blogs and books.  Find a niche with little or no competition, and fill it.

Organize posts by subject

This is a bottom-up approach, in which you organize your already-published blog posts into a book.

Instead of writing your blog posts directly into WordPress, Blogger or Typepad, write them first in a Word document and save them in files organized by subject.  You can even break your files down into smaller files that are more focused.  For example, in your Social Media folder, you can have sub-folders on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.  You can then create chapters or separate books from each sub-folder.

Write posts chapter by chapter

This is a top-down approach, in which you outline a book and then write blog posts to fill that book.  Break each chapter down into several 300-500 word blog posts, compiling each post into a Word document as you go.

As you write, be sure to use keywords or phrases that are searchable in both the header and body of the blog post, and publicize your blog posts via social media and even in your email signature.  You can also turn chapters into series to attract and keep readers – for example, start with a series of 5 posts on Facebook, then move to a series of 4 posts on Twitter, and so on.

Add new content

Once you have your book’s first draft compiled, add new content to spur sales and attract readers.  You’ll also want to add content that bridge gaps and provides a smooth transition between the points you are making within a chapter and from one chapter to the next.  This will ensure your book flows and reads well.

Now that you have a book ready to go, you can either self-publish it (I like lulu.com) or look for a publishing house.  If your blog is popular, with lots of unique visitors and page views, an established publisher might already know about you.  If not, go ahead and self-publish and join the ranks of published authors.

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