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Want to Capture More Leads? New Study Says Make it Fun and Engaging

August 27th, 2012 ::

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One of the best things about online marketing is the ability to easily capture lead information from potential customers. However, if you want to capture personal information beyond name and email address to prequalify them, determine the best product or service for them, or craft more personalized messages for them as you move them through the sales cycle, you could find yourself empty-handed.

As consumers, we don’t like to freely give out personal information. A recent study, though, found that if you make that information capture process fun and engaging, your online marketing will benefit tremendously.

First, a little about the study. It was conducted by Ctrl-Shift, a U.K.-based independent research and consulting company, and nFluence, a marketing technology startup.  As part of the study, Ctrl-Shift asked a panel of consumers to compare different marketing tools from Amazon to the Tesco Clubcard (Tesco is a British supermarket chain).

The study found that consumers are willing to offer marketers’ information about themselves in exchange for tangible benefits:

  • Consumers are excited about receiving only relevant marketing messages.
  • Consumers will reveal information if it is not labor intensive.
  • Consumers enjoy volunteering information through gamified mechanics and/or rewards for their efforts.
  • Consumers’ digital history is irrelevant when trying to figure out what they’re interested in.

Instead of asking for traditional demographic information, capture non-personal information around personality and favorite films and brands, for example.  From a consumer perspective, this type of information is fun to share and does not feel like divulging too much personal information.  From a marketing perspective, you’ll still be capturing the lead information you want, but you’ll probably end up capturing more leads.

The study also offered 3 great takeaways:

  1. If the process is intrinsically rewarding (i.e. it’s interesting, you are discovering something about yourself, or it’s a bit of a challenge like going through the levels of the game), this can affect the levels of engagement you achieve.
  2. Like game playing, if you can see it change in response to what you are doing, it sucks you in.
  3. Trust matters. Consumers want to know how their information will be used.

Three companies that capture non-personal information in a fun and engaging way and were included in the study are:

  • dealBoard, an Australian company that recommends a set of deals based on personal preferences
  • VisualDNA, which uses a personality test to drive better advertising
  • Hunch, which bases its recommendations on your reviews of products and services and shares these with other Hunch users

How will this information affect your lead capture efforts?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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