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5 New Twitter Features – and Why They’re Important to Your Marketing Strategy

September 17th, 2012 ::


Between vacations, holidays, long weekends and generally enjoying the summer, you may have missed some great new features Twitter rolled out in June.  Social Media Examiner did a great job highlighting them, and I’ve added my two cents on why these features are important to your marketing strategy.

1. Top stories

You can now get a weekly email digest filled with the most relevant tweets and stories shared in your stream.

Why this is important:

  • You’ll keep up with the zeitgeist
  • You can tweak your marketing – from special offers to a blog post analyzing a change in your industry – based on what’s trending
  • You can share stories people care about by retweeting, but also by posting them on Facebook and LinkedIn

2. Top tweets

This is different from top stories – these are tweets from across Twitter (rather than just your feed) that got retweeted hundreds or thousands of times.  This weekly email can be super entertaining – and useful.

Why this is important:

  • It’s a great way to learn what is shared most often on Twitter so you can apply others’ success to your own Twitter strategy

3. Tailored trends

Unless you are a 12-year-old girl or work in the entertainment industry, I am willing to bet you don’t care that #JustinBieber is trending.  You can follow trends by tailoring them by location and who you follow, which will be send to you in a weekly email.

Why this is important:

  • You’ll stay on top of industry news; use what you learn in blog posts or your own tweets or Facebook posts
  • You’ll be able to follow local trends that could affect your business
  • You can tweak your marketing strategy – from blog to newsletter to email – based on the intel you gather

4. Follow suggestions

Their fourth and final email includes suggestions on who to follow based on who you follow now.

Why this is important:

  • To improve the value and quality of your stream and expand your list of followers, it is always great to add new people to your Twitter community
  • This feature makes it easy to do all of the above

5. Expanded tweets

This feature already exists for images and videos, but now it is applied to links, allowing you to see content previews.

Why this is important:

  • Engagement around content should increase since people will be able to preview your blog post or article
  • Creative headlines and lead paragraphs will become the norm
  • It works for mobile and Web, allowing you to better reach all of us mobile users who are tethered to our devices

Which new feature do you think will be most useful to you, and why? Leave a comment below!

Image courtesy of Twitter.

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