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How to Use Instagram for Marketing

September 4th, 2012 ::


I had never thought to integrate Instagram into a marketing strategy – until I read this great article published by Marketo on their blog that beautifully illustrates the possibilities in an infographic.  With 50 million Instagram users and counting, it is time to start paying attention to the photo-sharing platform.  Here’s what I learned:

Photos rule when it comes to marketing because:

  1. Photos make an emotional connection in a way that text cannot.
  2. Photos make your company and brand more relatable.
  3. Photos are fun and engaging.
  4. Photos shared via Instagram are reaching a huge audience, thanks to steady user adoption.

Like any other marketing tool, it’s best to use Instagram systematically:


Determine what will engage your target market by asking: What do they want to see? How can I get them to engage with my photos? What will get them talking about my company?  Develop a photo curation plan around the answers.


Consider only sharing some photos on Instagram, where you can even leak company secrets for added exclusivity.  Be sure your photos are gorgeous – anything subpar will dilute your brand – and be sure they include shots of your employees and office.  By letting people into your work life, you will create strong connections.


Consider using unique hashtags as keywords in order to make your company and brand easily findable.  Be sure to add them to all your posts.


Increase engagement levels by posting photos of your – and customer – events, using geolocation, and adding a gamification element, like asking users to submit photos, come up with a creative captions for a photo, or solving a mystery about your photo.


Once you start using Instagram, keep it up!

Whether or not you already use photos as part of your marketing strategy, would you consider using Instagram?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image courtesy of play.google.com.

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Posted in Marketing, Social Media | 2 Comments »

  • http://twitter.com/bigshotscoach David Boullata

    As in any social media setting you need to understand why the users are there. Guaranteed it’s not to get to know your “brand”…it’s to socialize!

    If you approach Instagram as anything other than a social setting your marketing will fail. Adjust your message for the context you are using it and you will have found another channel to talk about your product or service.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent points David – thanks for chiming in!