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Social Media Case Studies: How 2 Small Businesses Are Growing Thanks to Social Media

September 19th, 2012 ::

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I love case studies, so I am glad I stumbled across a blog post on SmartBlog on Social Media that included three case studies on small businesses that are growing and owe much of their success due to their use of social media.  I decided to highlight only two of those companies here, as what they did is easily applicable to any other small business:


Birchbox sends its subscribers a bright pink box every month with five beauty product samples.  Though it is one of many monthly subscription services now available, Birchbox found success by doing the following:

Post videos: Birchbox employees took videos of themselves opening the boxes and showing off the contents – and shared the videos online. Subscribers began sharing the videos with friends and connecting with other subscribers.

Encourage user-generated content: Instead of trying to control the conversation on social media, Birchbox lets subscribers take the lead.

Keep it personal: The videos that Birchbox employees make are not perfect, but they are personal and “real” – and those attributes engage subscribers and let them get to know the people behind a company they love.


Decidedly less sexy than Birchbox, Orabrush is a tongue cleaner – and they found success with a video. Yes, a video.  And now they have a YouTube channel with 300 videos on it.  I am not kidding. Here’s what they did:

Make it funny: Their first video went viral (it is this one, viewed by more than 17 million people), and, as you’ll see from the video, it is not a slick production.  In fact, it cost $500 to make.  But it is funny.

Do your research: Orabrush did, and they found that the most popular videos are personality-driven, so they cast Austin Craig, whose idea it was, in the video.  They also addressed questions in the video that customers might have to increase adoption and dispel any misgivings.

Be creative: Orabrush wanted to get into Wal-Mart, but Wal-Mart was ignoring them.  So they spent $28 on a Facebook ad in which they accused Wal-Mart executives of having bad breath, and voila, they got noticed – and they are now stocked at Wal-Mart.

Ask for feedback: Use Facebook to ask your fans what they want.  It’s the fastest, cheapest and best way to do research.

If there’s one thing Birchbox and Orabrush have in common, it’s videos.  Have you made one yet? How was it received? Let us know how you fared in the comment section below!

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