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10 Ideas for Visual Content on Facebook

October 29th, 2012 ::
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Sharing Visual Social Media Content

Facebook cover imageDuring your busy day-to-day, it’s easy to forget about sharing photos on social media unless you are in the habit of doing so. In this 3-part series on sharing visual content on social media, we’ll look at some fun ideas that are easy to implement.  The inspiration for this series came from a Hubspot ebook, but most of the actual ideas are my own.

1. Think seasonal

Add photos that are specific to the season or upcoming holidays.  You could take it one step further and highlight “national days of” – if it’s related to your brand! I am writing this on October 19, which is National Seafood Bisque Day.  Find the holiday calendar here.

2. Showcase your products or service

…obviously! But get creative. If you run a daycare center, take photos of all the stuffed animals sitting on the floor waiting for “circle time” or paint jars neatly stacked in a pyramid.

3. Get an artist involved

Ask an artist friend to put his or her creativity to work and render your products, service, or business in a painting, drawing or cartoon – great exposure for him or her!

4. Be creative if your business is “boring”

If you provide HVAC services, make a smiley face or stick figure person out of the tools you carry around in your truck. If you are an accountant, share photos of different currencies.

5. Highlight locations on a map

Add a big map to your page’s cover photo. Show off your company’s various locations, or, if you travel on business a lot, all the places you have visited. If your employees are from all over the world, you could highlight their home countries.

6. Use an infographic

Ask a graphic design company that specializes in infographics to create one for you in which you share industry facts or the results you deliver to your clients.  Use it as your cover photo.

7. Try lifestyle photos

People respond to lifestyle photos – think of  the Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren print ads with their emphasis on the WASP-y, horsey life.  If you can tie a certain lifestyle to your brand, people will associate that lifestyle with you.

8. Showcase a fan or customer…

Social media should be about your fans, not just you. You can highlight a fan or customer of the week or month in your cover illustration or image.

9. …or a photo they submit

Likewise, you could ask your fans/customers to send you photos using your product or service – and highlight those.

10. Keep photos simple but powerful

If you’re a travel agent, use a single photo of a city skyline, famous landmark or monument, or exotic destination as your cover photo.  Rotate often!

What ideas would you add to this list?

Facebook cover image courtesy of coverjunction.com

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