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4 Easy Ways to Make Twitter An Effective Marketing Tool

October 4th, 2012 ::

You learn something new every day, especially when it comes to marketing. The always reliable Social Media Examiner published an incredibly useful post listing a bunch of new ways to make Twitter a much more effective and less noisy marketing tool – and a few ideas on the list were new to me.

Here are my 4 favorite tips, curated from their list of 16:

1. Create lists to organize followers

Did you know you can organize your followers on Twitter? Me neither. Because the noise on Twitter can be deafening, this will make it much easier to find relevant information by subject or group that you can retweet, reply to, mention, etc.

Create up to 20 lists for customers, friends, industry, media, etc. by clicking on the account drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of your page. Lists is the third option.

2. Brand yourself

If your business has a Twitter account, it totally makes sense to use your logo as your profile picture.  But…I don’t. I tweet as myself, and my Twitter profile picture is a casual headshot of me.  That’s because I wanted to make Twitter more personal and have my followers connect my tweets with me, not my logo.

If you use your photo, make sure it’s an up-close pic of you that focuses on your face.  No animals, kids, lovely shots of you on a beach or mountaintop.  Your profile picture is pretty small in a news feed. Make it easy to see.

3. Update your Twitter bio

This is one of my favorite suggestions.  Your Twitter bio should include what you do, how you help people, and have personality.  Mine says:

Kickass copywriter with a focus on Web content and blogs for high-tech and mid-sized companies. Blogger at @growsmartbiz, lover of food, wine and the sun.

It doesn’t say how I help people, so I need to update that, don’t I?  It’s great to regularly review your Twitter bio, so set a calendar reminder to review your bio every 3 months or so.

4. Weed out the trash

By trash, I mean people who tweet a lot of junk (just check your feed for this – if it’s not relevant to you, it’s junk), people who don’t follow you back (use Manage Flitter) and people who don’t tweet at all (use unTweeps).

Yes, the number of people you follow will decrease, but quantity trumps quality, always – especially when it comes to marketing.

What is your most reliable, tried-and-true method, tool, or strategy to make Twitter a more effective marketing tool for your business?  Share your ideas below!

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