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8 Blogging Tools the Pros Love

October 18th, 2012 ::

HeartIf you’d like to take your blog to the next level, here are 8 tools the pros love – including some of my favorites!


This is the blogging platform of choice – it’s certainly my favorite! WordPress templates are free and fully customizable.  The content management system is very easy to use, and there are numerous plug-ins available (to improve SEO, add social media buttons, etc.)

Content Idea Generator

Created by SEO Gadget, this tool is actually a Google Doc.  Simply enter keywords into one column, and it will automatically find news and related stories from online sources as varied as Google News and Facebook.


I could definitely use this, as it lets you store interesting articles – and add notes – for reference later when you’re ready to write your blog posts.

Optin Skin

This plug-in lets you add an opt-in for your email list or special offer to the bottom of your blog posts.  It provides analytics so you can see which blog posts are generating most opt-ins.

Google Images

This is the tool I use for finding images for my blog posts, though some people use Flickr and Instagram.  Remember to always attribute your image or photo to the source!


If you want to better understand your audience and what kind of content they are looking for, PopSurvey lets you embed a survey right into your blog post.  Much more engaging than a link!


This is one of the coolest tools out there, in my humble opinion.  Storify lets you curate articles and opinions on any topic across social media, thus allowing you to add an extra dimension to your blog post in the form of a tweet or YouTube.


I love Basecamp.  I think it’s the best project collaboration tool out there, but if you want a free alternative to manage your blog team (employees, colleagues, guest bloggers), Trello is easy to use.  Of course, this is applicable to any small business that collaborates with others remotely, whether you’re blogging or not.

What other blogging tools do you use – and love?

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