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8 Ideas for Visual Content on Pinterest

October 30th, 2012 ::
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Sharing Visual Social Media Content

Pinterest boardsUnless you have a company that is hyper-creative and visual by nature, finding things to pin on Pinterest that are relevant to your business can be hard. In the second post of this three-part series on sharing visual content on social media, we’ll look at some fun ideas that are easy to implement.  The inspiration for this series came from a Hubspot ebook, but most of the actual ideas are my own.

1. Think beyond your brand

Make a list of everything related to your brand and create a board for each category. For instance, since I am a copywriter, I could create boards on home office design, pens and pencils, couches (since I work from my living room couch), and cool logos.

2. Include fans and customers

If your fans and customers share photos of your product or service, add them to a board either specific to Customers or to one of your existing boards.

3. Use related content as a promotional tool

Hubspot used a really great example: Oreck, the vacuum cleaner company, has a board devoted to beautiful floors.

4. Create boards based on your blog’s categories and topics

By tying your boards and blog together, you can link one to the other. This also means coming up with content for your boards will be much easier.  You could probably also blog about your boards – if they are interesting enough.

5. Weddings, anyone?

Pinterest first became popular with women planning weddings – and brides are still the largest demographic on the site – so if there is a way you can tie your product or service to weddings, do it.

6. Cute is big

Drake University’s mascot is a bulldog – and they have an entire board dedicated to bulldogs.  If you can create a “cute” board that is relevant to your company, have fun with it!

7. Food is big too

People love “food porn!” Create a board of the meals you have during business meetings, travel and events.

8. Create hyper-niche boards

Target the niches within your client base with boards just for them. If you work with nonprofits, create a board specific to environmentally-focused nonprofits.

What other Pinterest pinning ideas do you have?
Image courtesy of 2wired2tired.com
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