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How to Create a Viral Video

October 8th, 2012 ::

Viral videosSocial Media Today published a really great post on the common qualities of viral videos.  Of course, creating a video in the hopes it will go viral is a total shot in the dark, but they did a great job analyzing what viral videos have in common.  Here are their tips combined with my own:

Keep your video to a minute and a half

In general, the longer a video, the more likely you are to lose your audience.  The sweet spot is between 60 – 90 seconds, which is where Dollar Shave Club and their viral video falls (OK, it’s 4 seconds over the 90-second mark, but close enough).  This is one of my favorites, ever.  In 7 months, they are closing in on 7 million views.

But if it’s really funny, it can go longer

I live in northern Virginia, and a local guy made a rap video that gently and hilariously makes fun of Arlington, where he lives.  Because it is clever, well-produced and spot-on, even at nearly 4 minutes it has gotten almost 2 million hits in 3 years.

Be consistent with branding a persona

Social Media Times used the example of the Old Spice guy.  Because he has such a strong presence in Old Spice ads with a very specific, manly-man persona, it worked.  If you use someone in your video – you or an employee – make sure their personality radiates right out of the screen.

Parodies are very shareable

Creating a video parody based on a person, event, or song is highly shareable since it’s based on something that people are already familiar with.  Consider this U.S. Navy take on Psy’s Gangnam Style video.

User-generated videos are shareable too

Try holding a best-video contest, like Aflac did.  You might be surprised at the quality and creativity of the submissions.  Online word-of-mouth sharing about your contest will be followed by sharing of the winner – by all who heard about the contest and entered it, but especially by the winner.

What is your favorite viral video?

Image courtesy of videomarketingnow.com

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