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5 Easy Ways to Shower Your Blog Readers With Attention – and Grow Your Audience

November 29th, 2012 ::

Growing plantsIf there’s one thing people have in common, it’s that we like attention. If you want to grow your blog, shower your readers with attention, just like bigger companies do via fabulous customer service (Zappos!). Here are 5 super easy tactics to try:

1. Email each subscriber

While your blog is small and growing, take the time to email each new subscriber personally. Each connection you make is small in and of itself, but it will create a strong and robust community. Plus, the word-of-mouth potential of your blog will increase because you actually take the time to reach out to – and thank – strangers.

2. Write for your readers

I don’t mean that in a broad sense. Write blog posts specifically for each reader if your blog audience is small enough.  If you have a larger audience, write blog posts specifically for those who take the time to leave a comment. Doing so will ensure your blog posts are shared– a great way to grow your own audience!

3. Publish the occasional video or podcast

As you build a community of readers, let them hear and/or see the person behind the blog. People are visual, after all, and it’s always nice to put a voice and face with the name.  I think this is one reason Gary Vaynerchuk’s original wine blog was so successful – it was always a video (and entertaining to boot).

4. Get together with your readers

When you travel, announce it on your blog and ask to meet up with your subscriber (or subscribers) in that area. Buy them coffee or lunch. Not only will they continue to talk about it years later, but you’ll very likely grow your own personal network of friends.

5. Ask your readers to guest blog

If any of your readers have their own blog – or leave particularly thoughtful comments – ask them to guest blog for you on a specific topic they have experience in and that is related to what you write about. Win-win for both of you – fresh content for you, new audience for them!

What other personalized tactics have you used to grow your own blog?

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