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5 Visual Content Ideas for Instagram

November 1st, 2012 ::

Autumn in Reston, VAIf you’re not used to snapping photos while at work, try it. In this final post of this 3-part series on sharing visual content on social media, we’ll look at some fun ideas that are easy to implement on Instagram.  The inspiration for this series came from a Hubspot ebook, but most of the actual ideas are my own.

1. Share your logo

Snap photos of your logo used in unusual ways while at work or when out and about – someone using your branded notepad during a meeting, wearing your baseball cap running errands, carrying your tote at a farmer’s market.

2. Employees are part of your brand…

Sharing photos of your employees doing what they do – whether it’s installing landscaping, meeting to discuss specials before dinner restaurant service begins, or hand-stitching a wedding dress – is not only interesting, but also humanizes your company and makes you seem more accessible.

3. …and so are events

Any event that you host or sponsor is fair game – especially if you can get behind-the-scenes, pre- or post-event photos, or photos of you or an employee with a celebrity.

4. Don’t forget your products

If you create or sell a product, go crazy with photos, but get creative.  Don’t just plop it on a white table and snap a photo.  Let’s say you make pillow covers. Hang them up in a row by color and snap a photo. Take one with you when you travel and snap a photo of it at the airport, on a plane, in your hotel room, in the back of the rental car, etc.

5. Take photos when you travel

Even if you don’t travel far for work, take photos of the places you go. By doing so, you are letting people get a sneak peek at your life, and that creates a level of intimacy and trust you don’t get with an automated email marketing message. I took the above photo a few days ago while out on my daily walk. Simple, easy, beautiful!

What other ideas do you have?

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