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5 Content Ideas That Never Grow Old – and 5 That Grow Old Fast

December 28th, 2012 ::

Evergreen treesHubSpot published a blog post earlier this year about “evergreen content” – that is, content that never grows old, is highly valuable, and is definitive. Evergreen content can be marketing gold, as it boosts search engine optimization, traffic, and leads.

Of course, you don’t want to publish only one kind of content – that would be boring. To ensure your blog is full of variety, here are 5 kinds of evergreen content, followed by 5 kinds of timely content:

Evergreen content

1. Curated lists: Think about your industry – what are your favorite blogs, productivity tools, books, product sources (like stores and manufacturers), etc.?

2. Your take on an industry topic: List your areas of expertise, and write blog posts about the right ways to do those things – and why.

3. FAQs: As your products and services evolve, you’ll add to your list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), but your answers to each question will not likely change.

4. History: While history can be interpreted differently, basic facts don’t change. A history of your industry or a product or service might sound dry, but it is likely filled with funny stories and colorful characters.

5. Tutorials: Basic guides are evergreen. Instructions on how to boil water, code in HTML5, and knit a hat will never change.

Timely content

1. Seasonal: Blog posts that focus on holidays, seasons, or specific dates have a short shelf life. Who wants to read about top trends for 2012 two years later?

2. News: Whether you’re announcing a new product or service or major industry news, no one will be conducting a search on that topic in a few months’ time.

3. Data: Because so much new data is generated every day, statistics around anything – sports teams, the richest people in the world, most visited websites – change quickly.

4. Opinions: It’s fun to read expert opinions on the news … once … when the news is still new.

5. Event-specific: You’ll generate views for event-specific content (industry conferences, the Super Bowl, the Olympics) immediately before and during the event, but not after.

Which of your blog posts have generated the most traffic for your website?

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