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6 Ways to Convert Web Visitors Into Leads

December 4th, 2012 ::

Fishing for leads - or fishWant to convert more Web visitors into leads? Just follow these B2B best website practices – some are mine, and some are from Mediative.

1. Write content that is focused on your customers

Whenever I write website content for my clients, I always do two things. The first is to address customers directly.  It is more personable, and it helps your website visitors feel like you are talking to them. You can focus on yourself on your company’s About page.

The second is to discuss your visitor’s problems, needs and solutions, in that order. For example (and this is super simplistic): “You got a sunburn on your first day of vacation, and you need a super-soothing and cooling lotion that lasts longer than 5 minutes. Our Feel Cool, Not Hot lotion will do the trick.”

2. Help visitors move through your website

As your visitors read content on your site, direct them to next steps with “learn more” buttons, a call to action to download information, or a link to your “contact us” page.

3. Include interactive elements

Videos and games are highly engaging content elements that encourage sharing and conversion. Videos are easy to create and need not be long – a minute will suffice – though you’ll need a developer to help you create a game.

4. Make it really easy to contact you

It drives me crazy when I visit a company’s “contact us” page and find nothing but a form to fill out.  Include a phone number, email address, physical address and a “request information” form.

5. Create landing pages for downloadable resources

If you are offering a free download of a white paper, demo or other content, create a visitor-focused landing page to capture their information. The landing page should include:

  • A brief overview of your customers’ potential problems and challenges
  • How they can solve that problem
  • A short list of what is included in the white paper (or other content)
  • Simple information capture form to fill out
  • Opt-in for newsletter
  • A thank you page with a short message

6. Create a newsletter opt-in page

I really like this idea from Mediative. Instead of just capturing an email address for your newsletter opt-in, create a page with an opt-in form and a short explanation of what information is included in the newsletter and how often it’s delivered.


What other ways do you capture leads on your website?

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