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7 Top Blogging Tips From the Pros

December 26th, 2012 ::

SevenSocial Media Examiner published a list of 21 blogging tips from the pros – a list that I whittled down to my favorite 7, all of which are easy for anyone to implement:

1. Validate your ideas

To make sure people want to read about the topics you want to write about, validate your ideas. Ask your followers on Twitter if they want to read more about certain topics, survey your customers about topics, and ask yourself if anyone would pay to read what you write.

2. Use your own images and videos

When you create your own images and videos for your blog posts, you will boost your search engine optimization by adding keyword-rich captions, descriptions, and titles.

3. Give away your expertise

This is great advice: Share the expertise that people pay you for. By freely sharing your advice, you will position yourself as a thought leader and foremost expert on your topic – and you could find your phone ringing off the hook.

4. Conduct interviews

You don’t have to interview only industry experts – anyone knowledgeable who can tell good stories and share valuable information is great. You’ll get engaging content for your blog post, and, when your blog post publishes, your interviewees will share it with their community.

5. Look for guest bloggers – and guest blog yourself

Inviting guest bloggers (employees, partners, customers) to write for you will provide fresh insight and ideas for your readers. Look for your own guest blogging opportunities to not only get your name out there, but draw new readers to your own blog.

6. Think like a journalist

I love this tip: Treat your subject as if you were a reporter. Listen to what other people are saying about your industry, and create content around it. This type of content is more likely to be repurposed and reused across media.

7. Be yourself

One of my friends writes emails exactly like she talks – full of energy and humor, even when she’s complaining. If you asked me to identify her email from a lineup, I could do it blindfolded. Well, not blindfolded, but you know what I mean. When you write, let your personality shine through. Your readers will feel more connected to you as they get to know you, and people like to do business with people they like.

What have you done to improve your blog content and grow your readership? Share your tips below!

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