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Should Your Small Business Ditch Facebook for Pinterest?

December 11th, 2012 ::

Shopping bagsIf your small business makes and/or sells products, you might want to refocus your social media marketing energy on Pinterest rather than Facebook. Pinterest users, as it turns out, are shoppers.

In a recent Bizrate Insight survey, consumers were asked to list the reasons they use Facebook and Pinterest. As it turns out, Pinterest users are far more engaged than Facebook users – and way more likely to shop on the site.

Here are the most noteworthy results:

Pinterest users are shoppers

A whopping 69% of Pinterest users have purchased an item on the site, compared to only 40% on Facebook. That is a significant enough difference to make you rethink your social media strategy, isn’t it?

Pinterest users are looking for inspiration

Pinterest really takes the inspiration cake: 70% of users look for inspiration, 67% keep track of or collect the things they like, and 67% keep up with trends. Facebook came in at a paltry 17%, 21%, and 22% respectively, so take this as a directive to step up your content creation and product marketing on Pinterest.

Brands and offers do better on Pinterest

Shift your branding and exclusive offer efforts to Pinterest, since 43% of Pinterest users like to associate with retailers or brands (24% on Facebook) and 39% use it to get special offers (26% on Facebook).

Both sites are hang-outs

So, should you ditch Facebook completely? Probably not. People like to hang out and pass time on both sites – 73% on Pinterest and 61% on Facebook. If you have a pretty active community on Facebook, refocus your efforts on sharing fun stuff and creating conversations.

Have you had success selling on Pinterest? Share your tips in the comments below!

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