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6 Ways to Build Your Company’s Brand

January 10th, 2013 ::

Build your brand, grow your businessOf course you know that your company’s brand is about more than your name, logo and personality.  Once you have those nailed down, here are 6 other simple ways to build and strengthen your brand:

Tell a story

Think about what makes you different from everyone else; if you’re not 100% sure, ask your clients why they work with you or buy your products. Build a story around your uniqueness and weave it into your communications.

Build a community

Talk to your online and offline audience. Find out how they’re doing, what they want, and what they need. Empower them to contribute – with ideas, feedback, guest blog posts, photos, etc. Give them a shout-out (with their permission, of course) on social media or in your newsletter.

Provide a great experience

Elevate your clients’ interaction with you and your company across the board. Build a product that is easier to use and provides better value than the competition. Continually keep clients up-to-date on project progress. Host an annual party – a BBQ, bowling afternoon, brunch. Follow up a month after the sale to see if they need anything or have any questions.

Keep promises

Because customer service is so often ignored, especially by large companies, one of the best ways to grow your business is by doing what you say you’ll do. Happy clients will spread the word about you, especially if you go above and beyond expectations.

Take a stand

Whole Foods sells sustainable, organic, all-natural foods. Nordstrom prides itself on exceptional customer service. Apple designs products that are user-friendly and stylish. Decide what your brand stands for, whether it’s more reliable products, faster turnaround, or more personal service.

Be honest

Lying is the fastest way to erode trust and damage credibility. We all make mistakes, big and small, so when you do mess up, be honest about it – and then do everything you can to fix it as quickly as possible, whether it’s providing a refund, replacement product, or free service.

What are your favorite brands, and why? How do you try to emulate them?

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