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How to Use Psychology to Boost Sales, Part 2

January 30th, 2013 ::
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Using Psychology to Boost Sales

psychologyIf, like me, you didn’t major in psychology, then we’re in the same boat: running a small business and doing our best to understand our customers and prospects.

I always thought I should have taken at least one psych course, so I got super excited when I saw an infographic on the SocialFresh blog called “10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology.” No need to take a course, just read an infographic!

In the first blog post in this two-part series, I detailed the first 5 ways to turn a no (the problem) into a yes (the solution). Here are 5 more ways to do so:

Problem: Customers hate waiting

Solution: Provide instant gratification by pointing out how your product or service will solve their problems quickly

Example: Fast shipping, quick turnaround times, very short learning curve

Problem: Distinguishing yourself from competitors

Solution: Instead of slamming the competition, label your customers (see my previous blog post)

Example: Because you’re a Mac person, you’ll love my product; If you want to travel the world, my photography class is perfect for you

Problem: Unclear company values

Solution: People love brands who share the same values as them, so clearly state your values and weave it into your messaging.

Example: Donating a portion of every sale to a specific charity; only selling products made from sustainable or recycled materials

Problem: Customer is not completely confident in decision

Solution: Play the devil’s advocate and lay their concerns to rest with stats, information, examples, and case studies.

Example: “93% of our business is due to referrals from happy customers.”

Problem: Customers get bored

Solution: Surprise your customers when they least expect it.

Example: Handwritten thank-you note, box of samples, free product or service.

What have you learned about customer behavior over the years?

Image courtesy of psy.ed.ac.uk

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