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Where Will Businesses Spend on IT in 2013?

January 24th, 2013 ::

By Karen Axelton

What will businesses be spending their IT dollars on for 2013? Until now, global uncertainty about the economy has been affecting IT spending, TechCrunch reports. Research firm Gartner’s projects worldwide spending on devices, including PCs, tablets, mobile phones and printers, to hit $666 billion this year, a 6.3 percent increase compared to 2012. However, the rise is still a significant cutback from Gartner’s prior forecast that 2013 would see $706 billion in global device spending or 7.9 percent growth.

For small business owners, however, the decreased spending may actually be good news. That’s because much of the reason for the shrinkage is lower prices thanks to cheaper Android devices. Another factor? PC purchasing is dropping drastically as consumers and businesses switch to tablet computers, for which there are many inexpensive options available.

Meanwhile, Forrester’s newest IT spending projections forecast 5.4 percent growth in 2013, but predict that 2014 is when growth will really ramp up. The company predicts that pent-up demand for mobile devices, cloud computing and smart computing will boost IT spending by 6.4 percent in 2014.

Other trends worth noting:

  • Storage devices and peripherals are also seeing slowing growth, with that trend expected to continue as more consumers and businesses move storage to the cloud.
  • PC and server vendors were hard hit in 2012 as these technologies became less used, and the industries’ decline in sales is projected to continue.
  • Apple bucked the trend of decreasing desktop/PC sales. The company saw strong growth in sales of PCs and laptops, and that is projected to continue through 2013 and 2014.
  • Windows 8 devices will see 8 percent growth in 2014, but will still be far outpaced by the double-digit increase in sales of Linux, Android and Apple products.

Overall, Forrester and Gartner both see 2013 as a transitional year when many technologies are becoming obsolete as new, less expensive ones take hold. For small businesses on tight IT budgets, that could be very good news.

Image by Flickr user Andrew Turner (Creative Commons)

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