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4 B2B Marketing Blogs From People Who Walk the Walk

February 28th, 2013 ::

Reading blogsBecause marketing is an ever-evolving industry, I am always looking for new sources of information, ideas, and insights. I did a little research to find some new B2B marketing blogs that are worth reading.

Here are 4 to consider subscribing to – happy reading!

B2B Digital Marketing

Author: Eric Wittlake, a digital marketer

Why you should read it: Great marketing insights that make you stop and think from someone who does digital marketing for a living.

On B2B social media use: “Instead of debating if something works, the discussion needs to move to when things work best and why so we can move the discussion about the best use for each tactic forward.”

Blue Focus Marketing

Authors: Mark and Cheryl Burgess, social media consultants

Why you should read it: Each blog post is chock full of tips, how-to’s, and actionable advice.

“As a small business working to leverage social media, focus on communicating what you do, not what you sell.  Social media forces you to think differently.  This isn’t about pitching products and product details.  Engaging content works like the North Star, guiding your audience toward your brand.  Remember: A good story points customers to your business.”

New Incite

Author: Jennifer Beever, a Chief Marketing Officer for Hire

Why you should read it:  Short blog posts full of useful information and actionable tips from someone who is hired by companies to help them grow.

“Don’t sell, nurture. What? Nurture? What does that have to do with marketing? It means that instead of pushing solutions on your prospects and customers, you put valuable information online and attract qualified prospects.”

B2B, in a B2C World

Author: Maureen Blandford, a revenue strategist who helps big companies make more money

Why you should read it: Maureen’s blog is funny and conversational, and she relishes debunking myths and setting the record straight.

’70% of the buying process in a complex B2B sale is already complete before a buyer will talk to a seller.’ If you ever hear some version of this whopper from anyone, you should immediately discount the person as either willfully ignorant, woefully ignorant, or a purposeful skewer of data to sell their own stuff (and if you’ve ever misquoted this and then never did it again, you’re my superhero!). Generally this fake stat is followed up with some pronouncement about “If you’re not using social, search, automation, whatevs – HOO BOY, what a loser you are missing all sorts of opportunities. If you’re not doing X, you won’t be successful. <sigh>”

What is your favorite marketing blog, and why?

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  • http://b2bdigital.net/ Eric Wittlake

    Monika, thanks for the inclusion and kind words about my B2B blog!

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome Eric – thanks for the great content!

  • Matthew Jameson

    Hey thanks for the lead to eric. I have been selling mobile pest control software and his article was super helpful.

    • Anonymous

      Cool – yeah Eric’s blog is great – enjoy!