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5 Reasons Content Curation Is Important to Your Marketing Strategy

February 25th, 2013 ::

Content curationWhile content creation has gotten a lot of buzz and attention over the past year, content curation – gathering valuable and relevant news, trends, tips, and advice and then sharing it – is just as important.

Why? Here are 5 reasons content curation is important to your marketing strategy:

  1. There’s a lot of good content getting lost online, including yours
  2. Curation is a no-brainer way to supplement and complement your original content
  3. Curating the best of what’s out there is a huge value-add for your audience
  4. Curation positions you as a go-to expert on your chosen topic
  5. You become a news hub, with people coming back for fresh content

You don’t have to be big company to curate content. Thanks to the folks at Curata, I discovered 4 examples of small business content curation from their 2013 Look Book Ebook:

Oregon Wine Newsroom

To keep in touch with and promote local wineries, the Oregon Wine Board started curating all Oregon wine-related info, including events. It’s a perfect way to keep winery information in front of local businesses, tourists, wine bloggers and the media.

Everything Tile and Stone

East Coast Tile’s site focuses on tools and trends in the tile and stone industry, which is a great example of how to curate an entire industry and turn into a source of research and ideas.  The site is used by consumers, but also contractors, designers, and architects.

Change Velocity

Have you ever heard of change management? Well, you can find out everything about it on Morris Communication’s site, which is for organizations looking for information and expertise on the subject. The site curates trends, news, the latest ideas and tools, and advice.


I can’t imagine being a doctor who needs to keep up with the latest news and technology for my own specialty along with the general healthcare landscape. That’s where Healio comes in. They break down information by specialty into videos and blog posts, making it easier for medical professionals to keep up with the latest discussions and innovations.

Have you seen other small businesses using content curation?

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