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5 Ways Facebook’s Graph Search Could Help Your Social Media Marketing

February 11th, 2013 ::

Facebook Graph SearchBy now you’ve heard about Facebook’s new Graph Search feature, which is still in beta (you can add your name to their wait list if you want to give it a try before it goes public).

Graph Search basically puts your social graph – your connections – to use by making it easy to find people, photos, places, and interests that are relevant to you. Your search results will be unique to you, as everyone’s social graph is different.

Since Facebook tends to get the beatdown pretty often about privacy, it’s worth noting that your results will only include what you could already view elsewhere on Facebook.

Let’s take a look at how Facebook Graph Search could help your social media marketing (I say “could” because we don’t know yet how people will use it):

1. Learn More About Your Fans

This, for me, is the most obvious benefit. Facebook brand’s Facebook fans which will then help them create more relevant content. This will benefit Facebook users by giving them content they want to see, which will then in turn benefit brands by boosting the levels of Facebook engagement.

2. Find New Customers

Because of its detailed search capabilities, you could use Graph Search to find potential new customers. Just use the same demographic and interest criteria you would use for an ad, and ask for introductions from your shared connections. (Yes, this is a lot like LinkedIn.)

3. Likes = Visibility

Likes will become even more important for your page – the more likes you have, the more visibility you will get. Let’s say you are a photographer. When the friend of one of your fans conducts a search for “wedding photographers,” you will pop up.

4. Ad Opportunities

Since Facebook depends on ads for revenue, it only makes sense that they would extend advertising opportunities to Graph Search.  Your targeted ads would reach people looking for your product or service – a really great lead generation opportunity.

5. Location Will Matter

Besides encouraging likes, local businesses should encourage check-ins. If Graph Search uses EdgeRank, the more activity you have on your page, the more you could potentially show up in search results.

One small caveat: If Graph Search is to work for your business, you will have to actively use Facebook, share engaging and relevant content, and encourage likes and shares.

How else do you think this new search capability will affect your social media marketing?

Image courtesy of techcrunch.com

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