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7 More New Ideas for Valuable B2B Blog Posts

February 5th, 2013 ::
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series 7 New Ideas for BtoB Blog Posts

typing on laptopBored with your blog? Uh-oh. Instead of ignoring or abandoning it, here is the second of 2 posts on some fun new ideas that will reinvigorate your blog and jumpstart your creativity.

1. Follow popular trends

Look at Twitter or Google Trends to see what topics people are talking about and looking for. If you find something related to your industry, share your perspective on the trend. If not, think of a way to relate what you do to that trend, like “What Gardeners Can Learn From Lady Gaga.” (For the record, I have no idea!)

2. Recycle old blog posts into a new one

Pull your top advice from several older blog posts on one subject and combine them into a new post. You could find that you have so much information on the subject that actually have an ebook in the making.

3. Review a movie or TV show

When “The Social Network” came out, I think everyone I knew in the social media space wrote a review of the movie. If a movie or TV show is set in your industry, review it and point out what they get right and what they get wrong.

4. Review new or old books

Books are also great to review, as there are so many of them published every year. It is highly unlikely your blog audience keeps tabs on what is new and noteworthy, so do the legwork for them. You can also review older books that have been invaluable for your job, career, or business.

5. Review and compare products or services from one category

Take a look at all the products or services that you use and look up the other top sellers. Try out the competition and write a blog post that compares them on features, ease of use, price, and results.

6. Publish industry trends

You know what’s going on in your industry, so share your insights on growing trends, whether they’re here to stay or just a passing fad, and how it will affect the industry and your customers.

7. Tell your own stories

Some of my favorite blog posts and articles have been based on personal stories. Whether it’s a challenge you overcame to close a big sale, secure funding, land a star employee, or reach an audacious goal, share your experience and what you learned along the way.

Now that you’ve got 14 new ideas for blog posts (check out the first 7 here), which ones are you eager to try?

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