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7 Tips for Creating Your First Marketing Ebook

February 12th, 2013 ::

BooksIf you are about to write your first marketing ebook for your business, congratulations – it’s one of the best ways to share your expertise and build thought leadership. If done right, your ebook will educate and entertain – thus becoming highly shareable.

Here are 7 things to keep in mind as you write your first ebook:

1. Write in a conversational tone

Your ebook is the complete opposite of a doctoral dissertation, so keep the tone light, friendly, and conversational – talk to your readers, not at them.

2. Use stories

Open your ebook with a story to hook your reader, and illustrate your points with stories whenever possible. This will make your content more fun, interesting, and relatable – you want your reader to say, “Oh yeah, I have that problem too!”  – and then turn to you for the solution.

3. Teach your readers

Add tips, tricks, helpful hints, or other actionable information that your readers can easily do themselves. Highlight this information in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page.

4. Focus each page

Stick to one point per page – this will help ensure your layout is clean. If you have a lot of information about one particular topic, break the information out with subheads, and use one subhead per page.

5. Integrate visual elements

People respond to strong visuals, so include relevant images that emphasize your point and graphics that illustrate survey results or statistics. Use subheaders that stand out and a bold, easy-to-read font.

6. Add interactive elements

Since ebooks are digital, you can embed videos, surveys, or games – just make sure they are relevant and don’t overshadow your other content.

7. Write one strong call-to-action

Resist adding a call-to-action (CTA) to each page; your company name and website address are sufficient. Instead, write one strong CTA for the last page of your ebook.  Tie the CTA back to the subject of your ebook and explain the benefit of working with you or buying from you. Finally, make it easy for them to contact you – include your website address, an email address, phone number, and social media buttons.

Do you have any favorite ebooks that other companies have published? What makes them stand out?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/TommyRector Thomas Rector

    Nicely done. Thank you for posting.

    • Anonymous

      You are very welcome!

    • Anonymous

      You are very welcome!

  • Ellen Violette

    Great tips-but, the most important is to know what your target market wants that you have to offer so you make sure you have the right angle or hook to catch their interest in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent tip – thanks for sharing!

    • Anonymous

      Excellent tip – thanks for sharing!

      • http://www.theebookcoach.com/ Ellen Violette

        You’re welcome. If you want more great tips, go to http://www.theebookcoach.com! You’ll also get a free report on the biggest mistakes people make writing ebooks and how
        to avoid them and more!