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Your Advanced Facebook Page Checklist: 14 Things You Might Not Be Doing

March 26th, 2013 ::

advanced Facebook Page checklistJust when I think I know all there is to know about Facebook, guess what? I learn something new – a new tip, trick, idea – that I then turn around and share with you.

Here are 14 new tidbits for you, only a few of which I already knew about, but all of which will improve your Facebook page:


  • Pick a vanity URL: If your Facebook page does not yet contain your company name in the URL, it’s easy to change that. Just go to your admin panel, click on edit page, click on update info, and change your username.
  • Use the tabs: Under your cover photo are tabs – photos, likes, about, etc. Create new ones (you can use Shortstack).
  • Create milestones: Use milestones to tell your company’s story – when you were founded, got your first customer, hired your first employee, etc. (you can add milestones from the top menu bar).


  • Link to website – In your About writeup, provide a link to your website right at the beginning.
  • Link to other social media accounts – Just because you’re on Facebook doesn’t mean you can’t add links to other social media channels you use.
  • Add a call-to-action – Include a call-to-action – give them a reason to interact on your page or visit your website.
  • Use keywords – Google and other search engines crawl Facebook during searches, so be sure you are using all relevant keywords in your description.


  • Focus on sharing photos – In case you missed it, Facebook is updating timelines to showcase visual content over text. Get in the habit of sharing photos and videos over words.
  • Relate your cover photo to your brand – Your cover photo can be anything, but for the biggest impact, make sure it’s somehow related to your brand.
  • Describe your cover photo – Because people can click on your cover photo, be sure to include a description, call to action, and link to your website.
  • Use your logo as profile photo – Use your logo as your profile photo, or get creative an use your logo on something – a bag, hat, etc. – instead.


  • Share unique content – Be sure some of the content you share on Facebook is only available there, and not on your blog, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest.
  • Allow fans to message you – Yes, fans can comment on your updates, but let them also send you direct messages. Just go to your admin panel, click on edit page, and click on manage permissions. Scroll down to “Messages” and check the box.

Did I miss anything that’s a little more advanced but also very important to do with your Facebook page?

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  • http://www.buildandbalance.com/ Michael_N

    Good check list. Several of them aren’t advanced such as getting a Vanity URL or having a link to your website in your About section. However, that’s not to say that everyone does it! What’s basic for one may be advanced for another.

    Here are a few of my tips:

    1. Use Sponsored Stories to get new fans by attracting friends of your fans.
    2. Enable the new Threaded Replies feature
    3. Revise the image of your Tabs with custom ones that fit just right in the boxes
    4. Change your Cover Image every few months. This often gets attention.
    5. Share stories. People don’t just want to see pictures and blog posts. Tell actual stories based on your day to day experience and what you learned from it. This is a surprisingly effective ‘unique’ to Facebook post.
    6. Look to see when Fans are unliking your Page in your Insights section. Map that to what you shared on those days. Is there a connection perhaps?

    Hope these help people to get more from their Facebook experience. It’s tough to keep up with it all but checklists like these help.

    • Anonymous

      I love these suggestions Michael! My favorite has got to be #5 – something that I will start doing myself. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • http://www.buildandbalance.com/ Michael_N

        Monika, You’re welcomeI like to contribute where I can. #5 is so valuable. Last week on my Page I simply shared a photo of a stairwell in my building saying that I’m working on taking the stairs to my office as a good work habit and it got plenty of likes and comments. The photo told a story many of us can relate to.

        • Anonymous

          Totally! Thanks again!