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How to Get Fans to Engage With Your Content on Facebook

April 10th, 2013 ::

By Rieva Lesonsky

For most small business owners, Facebook is a huge part of their content marketing strategy. But constant changes to Facebook’s newsfeed, timeline and algorithms mean it’s important to keep up-to-date with the best ways to engage fans and followers on Facebook.

ClickZ recently shared the results of research it conducted on the top 50 brands on Facebook.  One primary way companies interact with consumers on Facebook is by using social engagement apps to build engagement. But ClickZ found that many top brands were missing out on potential interactions because they weren’t using engagement apps to their fullest extent.

If you use apps on your business’s Facebook page, ClickZ suggests these 10 best practices for encouraging engagement, based on its research:

  1. Get the fans involved. Ask fans to create their own content and share it on your social media account. Content made by fans is seen as more authentic than that created by a business, which increases the chances it will get shared.
  2. Connect emotionally. Whether you are creating your own content or sharing others’, think about whether it reflects your brand on an emotional level and how it will connect with customers emotionally.
  3. Get them invested. Fans will care more about the outcome if you ask them to take action, whether it’s voting on the winners of a contest or contributing to a charity to reach a certain level of funds.
  4. Keep it fresh. Ideally, your social engagement apps will bring something new to your page every day, whether it’s a new contest, a new quiz or a new survey. This keeps consumers coming back.
  5. Encourage fans to share their own experiences and opinions. Sharing is key to content marketing success, and everyone wants to talk about themselves.
  6. Take advantage of current events that relate to your business. When you piggy-back on something that fans are already talking about, they’ll naturally want to share what you’re saying.
  7. Know what types of content are most likely to get shared. Funny, interesting or cute content works best.
  8. Promote. If you have a social app on your Facebook page, promote it with a mobile-friendly link so customers can access it wherever they are.
  9. Multiply results. If you have more than one Facebook page for different product lines or divisions of your business, put your social app on each page.
  10. Get partner businesses to promote the app, too. The more sponsors, partners or affiliates who promote your social app, the more attention it will attract.

Image by Flickr user Sean MacEntee (Creative Commons)

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