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Web.com Small Business Toolkit: TripIt for Teams (Travel and Expense Management)

February 12th, 2013 ::

TripIt for Teams

If you and multiple employees of your company all travel for business, you need an organized management system to keep track of all travel plans and expenses for the company. TripIt for Teams was developed to allow small and midsized businesses to centrally manage employee travel, keep everyone connected on the road, and provide insight into the company’s travel spending. Travel planners know who’s travelling when, where they’re staying, and how much the trip will cost. The TripIt for Teams travel calendar makes it easy for the whole team to see when and where their colleagues are traveling and have access to confirmation numbers, maps, directions and other trip details anywhere at any time.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: KnowDelay (Travel Predictor)

January 3rd, 2013 ::


Travel delays can mess up even the most organized business traveler, especially this time of year where weather surprises can mean missed opportunities and missed business meetings. KnowDelay hopes to help solve the problem by alerting travelers of weather-related flight delays or problem flights 72 hours in advance. Then KnowDelay goes one step further by suggesting alternative flights. How do they predict delays? According to KnowDelay, they use a weather “recipe” that includes information about different weather events and combine that with predicted airport performance. It must work, since KnowDelay boasts 90 percent accuracy.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: ParkNow (Parking App)

November 23rd, 2012 ::


If you live in or travel to a busy city, you know how difficult finding parking can be—especially in a city like San Francisco. You’re better off taking a taxi or public transportation. But if that’s not an option you might want to get the ParkNow app from BMW and Urban Mobility. Currently only available for the San Francisco bay area (including Oakland International Airport and Palo Alto), ParkNow users can search for open parking spaces by location and price, then reserve and pay for a parking spot all on their smartphone—all with no membership or added fees.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Travel Guard (Travel Insurance)

October 8th, 2012 ::

Travel Guard

Owning a business means last-minute business trips…and also cancelling business trips at the last minute. Both are quite costly, and having travel insurance could provide the safety net you need to alleviate worries and expenses. Travel Guard, one of the country’s leading travel insurance and assistance providers, has a policy geared to cover the needs of today’s small and independent business traveler. The policy covers everything from canceled flights to emergency business services (translation, document replacement, PDA replacement) and is most useful for the self-employed, entrepreneurs and small business employees whose safety and costs are not protected by a big-company budget.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Expedia Business Rewards (Business Travel Program)

September 28th, 2012 ::

Expedia Business Rewards

Well-known travel booking site Expedia has partnered with Ink from Chase, Chase’s small business credit card, to create Expedia Business Rewards, a comprehensive program that aims to reward small business travelers. The program, which is free to register, provides Ink from Chase small business customers access to a suite of travel management tools and rewards. Ink from Chase cardholders earn rewards that they can apply to company travel and can still participate in Expedia Rewards. Companies can earn $100 for every 10 hotel nights booked through the program. Besides discounts, companies have access to travel monitoring tools that give business owners deeper insight into their companies’ travel patterns.


Web.com Small Business Toolkit: GateGuru (Airport Restaurant Finder)

September 19th, 2012 ::


Do you eat at airports much? Have you ever grabbed a quick, tasteless sandwich only to later see something yummy and healthier in another section of the airport you didn’t know about? GateGuru can help you find the freshest food or locate the closest gift shops or services. Download the GateGuru app and you’ll never again  have to lug your bags aimlessly around an unfamiliar airport without a clue about what the terminal has to offer. Don’t try to survive another layover without GateGuru (available for iPhone and Android phones).


Business Travelers’ Biggest Challenges

August 28th, 2012 ::

By Maria Valdez Haubrich

Business travelers are in a squeeze these days. They’re cutting back on travel and seeking to cut costs when they do travel, but at the same time, they and their companies are demanding more results from their trips. A new study from Cambria Suites, Total Work-Life Productivity of Business Travelers, looked at how business travelers are getting things done.

Almost 90 percent of business travelers in the survey say work-life balance is important to them. To achieve that balance when traveling, they look for tools to help them be more productive both in their work life and their personal life when on the road. The right hotel and the right tech tools are crucial to balance. In fact, travelers rated free Wi-Fi (62 percent) as nearly as highly as a comfortable bed (65 percent) when asked to rate the most important hotel services and amenities.

Companies are looking for greater cost efficiency when deciding to have employees travel. Almost one-fourth (23 percent) of business travelers say they stay less often at full-service or luxury class hotels; more than one-fifth say the outcomes of their trips are being scrutinized more closely than ever. Still, almost 80 percent believe travel and in-person meetings are essential to doing business, and 76 percent say business trips help their companies grow.

At the same time, business trips bring challenges. Travelers said the top issues they struggle with when away from home are eating well (68 percent), spending time with loved ones (62 percent), getting proper sleep (62 percent), and exercising regularly (60 percent).

Technology seems to be the top tool helping business travelers balance personal and professional needs. Two-thirds (66 percent) of business travelers say technology is critical to greater productivity, and 78 percent say changes in technology have made them more efficient and productive. Women were more likely than men to value technology as a way to stay in touch and balance personal life with work.

More than half of business travelers say that the hotel they stay at has a bigger impact on their productivity than any other aspect of the trip, including the flight or rental car. The most important amenities were comfortable beds (65 percent), free Wi-Fi (62 percent) helpful staff (39 percent), free parking (30 percent) and a spacious room (26 percent).

What are your biggest challenges on the road?

Image by Flickr user Jeff~ (Creative Commons)


Web.com Review: Small Business Resource: Startup Stay: Travel Community for Entrepreneurs

August 20th, 2012 ::

Startup Stay

Hotels aren’t your only option when traveling for business. If you’re looking for looking for a more social experience and a networking opportunity, Startup Stay can match you with entrepreneurs across the world who have a spare room. Membership on the site is by invitation only, and accommodations are always free. The site calls itself “a global community for entrepreneurs that travel,” and staying with Startup Stay members offers you an environment where you can share ideas and get a local’s view of the city’s business environment. You’ll be building valuable relationships and saving tons of money on travel expenses. Request an invitation and check it out.

AllSubway: Transit System App: Small Business Resource

August 1st, 2012 ::


Going on a business trip? If you want to save on cab fare and know the city pretty well, the subway system can be your best bet—if you know what you’re doing and where you’re going. You may have the Manhattan subway system down, but what about the London Tube or the Chicago “El”? Download the AllSubway app and you’ll have access to the subway system maps of 151 different metropolitan transit systems all over the world. The app lets you zoom in and out on color-coded maps, which are updated regularly so they’re always accurate. Need to find out where you’re going while you’re already on the train underground? The app works offline, so no worries about finding a Wi-Fi connection.

Waze: Community-Based Traffic and Navigation App: Small Business Resource

June 8th, 2012 ::


As a busy entrepreneur, it’s always great to find out about a free new app that can help save you time and money–in this case, gas money. Downloadable for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones, Waze automatically reads your GPS location and the speeds of other Waze drivers in your area. The information is reported back to other users who might be traveling in the same direction, so you get real-time traffic updates. Waze users can also self-report real-time traffic incidences, accidents and police speed traps. Plus, you’ll get navigation assistance, of course.